What is Lorcet Plus?

Lorcet is a medication that is formed from two components, mainly – Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen. This combination of Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen is collectively used in treating pain that can be moderate or severe as well. Hydrocodone comes under the group of medicines that are called narcotic pain relievers. Acetaminophen is not a strong drug as compared to Hydrocodone, i.e., it is present in the drug to increase the effects of Hydrocodone on the person’s body.

Now, let us inform you about Lorcet plus and if it is the same as Lorcet. Mostly, the drugs that come with the same name and have an addition in the ending of it are used for the same purpose. Lorcet Plus is a nothing but an advanced version of Lorcet and can be used by the patients who have been using Lorcet earlier.

Lorcet Plus is the formation of Hydrocodone Bitrate 5mg and Acetaminophen 325mg. Therefore, the content of the drug is the same as the former one; the only difference is in the percentage of the drug.
What is Lorcet Plus Used For?

Before we tell you about this form (Lorcet Plus) of Lorcet, let us give you a brief idea about Lorcet and why is it used. People often buy Lorcet plus online so that they can compare with the prices in the offline market and then make a purchase. Purchasing Lorcet online is much easier and hassle-free as to when you buy it from the offline market.
Lorcet Plus Dosage:

If a person is starting with the dose of Lorcet plus, he must keep in mind that taking this drug for the first time can be a bit more effective than you have thought it to be. It can cause severe drowsiness if not taken as per the requirement of the patient.

The patients are advised to use the lowest effective dose of Lorcet Plus for a short-term period. Doctors initiate the dosing schedule of each patient individually depending on the severity of pain and the response of the patient for the drug.

When you buy Lorcet plus online, you should get the prescribed detail of the drug from the doctor, or you can also buy it from the online website from where you must be making the purchase. Lorcet plus generic is also available in the online and offline platforms for the patient’s convenience.
What Are The Lorcet Plus Side Effects?

Although Lorcet Plus is a much-needed drug in times of pain relief from acute and moderate pain, it may also cause unwanted side effects and symptoms that can be harmful to the patient.

Lorcet plus side effects –

Feeling lightheaded
Difficulty in breathing
Fast heartbeat
Mild headache
Irregular pulse rate
Fever or getting chills
Eyes and skin getting yellow

The side effects of Lorcet Plus are the same as Lorcet, but it depends on person to person that gets affected by it to an extent. You can go to our website if you want to buy Lorcet Plus online from a safe platform.
How Long Does Lorcet Plus Stay in Your System?

As we have told you in the above paragraph, Lorcet Plus is a bit more active and upgraded version of Lorcet. Therefore, the effect of the drug also lasts for a little longer than the former version of the same drug. Lorcet plus stays in your system for at different stages. It can be detected in the bloodstream for almost 24 hours, but in the hair follicle, it can be tested for up to 90 days or so.
What Is The Difference Between Lorcet And Lorcet Plus?

Lorcet and Lorcet Plus, as stated above, are the same drugs. The only difference between both of the drugs is that Lorcet Plus is a better and upgraded version of Lorcet. Lorcet Plus is a combination of Hydrocodone Bitrate and Acetaminophen.

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